Hello from the Flensburger Brauerei, Germany’s most northern swing-top brewery! We are located in Flensburg, a cosy city at the Flensburg Fjord and right next to the Danish border. This old seafaring city under strong Scandinavian influence has developed from a fishermen’s and merchants’ town into a progressive touristic city with 2 universities without having lost its historic charm. Since our foundation in 1888 our brewery has become an iconic institution of our city. Flensburger beers have been admired by many generations. We produce high quality beers with a distinctive fresh-taste filled in our unique swing-top bottles. On the next pages you can discover what exactly makes our beers so great and why our beers are appreciated in more and more countries all over the world!

Key facts

We are Germany’s no. 1 flip-top bottle brand (0,33 l) and the most northern brewery. We link the highest quality in brewing tradition with a unique flip-top bottle design.

Our overall output in 2020 was 668.000 HL. The overall volume growth
over 50% over the last 5 years.

The brewery was founded in 1888, so we have over 130 years of brewing expertise. Over 230 employees work in the Flensburg brewery and we are represented in over 50 countries worldwide. A further expansion is on the way.

Strategic focus


Strengthen the worldwide position as the leading German 0,33 l swing-top bottle brewery


Long-term cooperation with the best-in-class distribution partners in 50+ countries

Target group:

The open-minded beer drinker who appreciates world-class beers

Brand values:

Independent, family-owned, quality-driven, open-minded, authentic, unique

Reason why:

We put quality first in everything we do – we represent real craftsmanship

Our Global reach ...

Let's talk about six.

Since our foundation in 1888, we brew our fine beers in accordance with the German Purity Law.

The premium quality of our Flensburger beers is not only due to our more than 125 years of brewing expertise but also because of our carefully selected raw materials, such as the barley malt from Northern German coastlines as well as the soft water from our own glacier spring. The distinctive plop' sound when opening a bottle of Flens has long been our trademark and stands for the inimitably fresh and rich taste of our independent brewery's beer.