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Our Brand

Historisches Schriftstück

Family and history

• 5 citizens of Flensburg founded the Flensburger Brauerei on September 6th of 1888
• Ideal location – a glacier spring with crystal-clear water straight underneath our brewery
• Since our foundation in 1888 we have been a family-owned, independent company
• In the 1930s our bewery developed into one of the largest breweries in Northern Germany
• Over the years we have survived quite a few challenges, like the disastrous times during
both world wars as well as two major fires in our buildings in 1961 and in 1988
• We will never give up on our independence neither will we forget our heritage – for the
sake of our employees, for the love of a good beer and ultimately as a matter of principle!
• We stand for our long brewing-expertise, our persistency as well as for our super-premium
quality and Northern German way of doing things – down-to-earth and straightforward

Bügelverschluss mit plop

Swing-top bottle

• In the 1970s the vast majority of breweries switched to the more modern crown corks. In contrast we stayed true to our flip-top bottle which has become an integral part of our brand DNA
• The distinctive plop’ sound when opening a bottle of FLENS has become our unique selling point
• There is a continuous work on the perfect plop’ – technical finetuning of all materials/processes

Flensburger Wasser Bügelverschlussflasche


• Our brewing location was carefully chosen with our own “Glacier Spring” right beneath our premises
• Around 10.000 years ago Northern Germany was covered with Scandinavian glaciers which left behind a crystal-clear reservoir of water more than 240 meters deep 100 % free of pollution
• The water is so pure that it is registered as mineral water which we also sell to the German retail

Gerste mit Wiese im Hintergrund

Coastal barley

• We brew our fine beers with barley malt produced by local farmers from Schleswig-Holstein
• Our barley grows between the Baltic and North Sea – we affectionately call it “Coastal Barley”
• Due to the fresh sea breeze our carefully selected barley is rich in salt, iodine and magnesium
• Our Flensburger products are manufactured in a sustainable way and are 100 % GMO-free

Flensburger Brauerei Abfüllanlage

Craftmanship and innovation

• All our beers are brewed in accordance to the German Purity Law
• We combine tradition with innovation and focus on the highest quality of our products
• We continuously invest in our production facilities: 50 million euros over the last 10 years
• We now have the biggest and most modern flip-top filling line of its kind worldwide
• We have launched several new products in recent times, e.g. Edles Helles, Radler and Fassbrause
• We train our new brew masters on the job to pass on our heritage to the next generations