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Premium-quality beers from Northern Germany.

Flensburger Pilsener.

„Our classic. Unmistakable in character and freshness. It's full flavoured aroma and carefully selected hops create a great taste experience.“

4,8% vol. , 11,3° Plato


Flensburger Gold.

„The golden rich-tasting but mild beer with a sophisticated hint of hops. Light caramel malt and only the finest hops create a premium quality beer.“

4,8% vol. , 11,3° Plato    

Flensburger Dunkel.

„The dark site of pleasure. Fine bitter, fresh and rich in taste. Thanks to dark superior malt that provides the amber colour and the elegant smoothness.“

4,8% vol. , 11,3° Plato


Flensburger Weizen.

“The Flensburger among the wheat beers. Golden colour, fresh, sparkling and naturally cloudy. The top-fermented beer specialty, brewed with finest wheat and barley malt, characterized by a fruity and refreshing taste.“

5,1% vol. , 11,6° Plato        

Flensburger Frühlingsbock.

“This strong full-bodied specialty beer has a distinctive trace of hops. Fresh and full of life like spring. This seasonal Flensburger specialty is enjoyable from February to May.”

6,9% vol. , 16,3° Plato    


Flensburger Winterbock.

“The rich and flavourful bock beer has a crisp mild taste. This full-bodied Flensburger speciality is enjoyable from October to March.”

7,0% vol. , 16,3° Plato        

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